Embracing change

Change is a huge part of everyone's lives and for today GG post it is all about it!

I am not going to lie, I spent a lot of time thinking about the one thing I would change and why.

At first I was going to say all the bullying I went through in school and at home but then I realised that is what makes me who I am, without them I wouldn't be me in a way so thought of something else.

So here is '#TheGirlGang Blogging challenge (Day Fifteen)'...

I really really really REALLY wish I could drive. I am 21 now and I haven't got my provisional licence. I wasn't bothered about driving at first but after seeing how useful it is, it is one of the biggest regrets I have in life.
I am sick and tired of asking people for lifts because they shouldn't have to drive me and pick me up etc and I shouldn't be relying on them!
Also realised how much of a freedom it creates. If you want to go somewhere, need to go to work or just need to get out of the house.
So a massive thank you to my beautiful friends for giving me lifts, you know you love me really!
Until next time

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