Twenty things that make me happy

Almost the first week of the blogging challenge over and I am so enjoying myself, it is so much fun!

This post is to share twenty things that make me happy. Now, a lot of things make me happy so getting it down to just twenty was hard but I finally managed it!

But makes me a happy Caroline you say? Well, find out below, there is a hint in the main photo!

So here is 'Lifestyle| #TheGirlGang Blogging challenge (Day Six)'...

In no particular order:
My amazingly strong mother
My beautiful friends
Audrey Hepburn (in the main image)
The sound of water
Finding a blooming good bargain
Thunderstorms and rain
My two teddy bears, Apple Juice and Four, that I have had since I was three
Sweet potato
Pink roses
Floral prints
Seeing people so in love with each other, it is cute!
Cranberry and Raspberry juice
Baking and sewing
Traveling to new places
Colin Morgan
Late nights to see the moon and stars
Red lipstick
Well there you have it!
What makes you happy?
Until next time
All photographs my own


  1. Sweet potato is life! I have a sweet potato and bourbon roasted pumpkin soup a mate cooks for me and it is divine!


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