Exploring Bath (Part One)

On the 22nd August, my lovely mother and I visited Bath for four days! Now, my mum has wanted to visit this beautiful city for a while and we haven't been able to go (London was calling our names ok?!) but I am so glad we finally made it there!

This series will be split into three posts, published every Tuesday. This one will be about the first two days, the second about the last two days and the final third one a fashion post!

From a five hour train journey with zero air con to exploring the streets of this wonderful South West city.

So here is 'Travel| Exploring Bath (Part One)'...


After a four and a half hour train journey with zero air con (thank you Cross Country!!!), we arrived in Bath and oh my, what a pretty city it is!
After we dropped off our luggage at our hotel, The Holiday Inn, we explored the streets of the city and found the pretty bridge, seen in the main photo, with a hot air balloon gracefully going over it as well as these two chairs!
Now, there is a story behind them chairs and I absolutely love it! Basically the piece is called The Comet Sweepers by sculptor Patrick Haines. It is to do with astronomers William and Caroline (best name ever ha). The brother and sister, who lived in King Street in the city, would take their dining chairs out into their garden and look for new stars and comets, using William's home made telescope and Caroline taking notes. However, in 1781, he discovered the planet Uranus (don't laugh ha) and that is why they are there.
I love finding things like this out, especially about space! A lovely little piece of art! That is basically


What a beautiful day this was, look at how sunny it was! So after we finally managed to get into the city, where all the shops are, we headed towards the information building to see about some sites and some shops. Of course I naturally enquired about Primark and Cath Kidston and well, they were there so headed towards them first. Then we chilled at Bath Abbey and viewed it in all its glory in the sunshine!
Whilst at the tourist information shop, we read about a city tour bus so we got on the bus and saw Bath from up top! One of the things my mum really wanted to see is the Royal Crescent, 30 houses in the shape of a crescent or half circle. It was so pretty to see it in person, from the hotel in the middle of it and No1 Royal Crescent being a museum to the lovely flowers and the one yellow door, it was so beautiful! There is a little park, if you can call it that, so we sat down on a bench and enjoyed the sunny weather!
We then headed back to the Abbey and found this really adorable little café called The Mad Hatter's Tea Party! Filled with everything you can imagine from Alice in Wonderland, it was so nice in there! I have a salted caramel ice cream (oh my gosh it was amazing) and a fruity smoothie which was so refreshing on the palette (ooo check me out). Mother had a cuppa in a massive mug and a plain scone with cream and jam! Yum yum in our tums!
After having another look around the shops and the little streets, we headed for tea some where and found this restaurant, The Stables, on our way back to the hotel. We both had pizza and oh my, it is one of the tastiest things I have eaten. The thin crispy base, the tomato sauce then the melted cheese, ooo it was divine! I could have eaten two!

As a little bonus to these blog posts, I actually has produced a little vlog to go along so come and explore with us!
Well there you have it! Part one done and mmmmmmmm I am craving some pizza and a smoothie now!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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