Homemade Fabric Bookmarks

A make for all you book lovers out there in September's post! I love a good read, I don't do it as often as I should but it is one thing reading a very good book then to suddenly lose your page... What a nightmare!

Well no more as I show you how to make these super duper easy fabric bookmarks in only three steps, perfect for yourself or as a gift for those bookworms!

So here is 'Homemade Fabric Bookmarks'...

This isn't from a book, I mean it might be but I literally came up with making it one night and here we are!
So I made three bookmarks, two just the basic normal rectangle shape and the other having a little cat head on it!
What you will need:
Sewing machine/ needle and thread
Fabric Scissors
Normal scissors
Fabric glue
Paper and pen(cil)
(For the cat, twine and a small button)
What to do now:
1. On the paper, draw out an outline of 4x10cm. For the cat bookmark, I added another 4cm to create the head and ears! Cut this template out (I halved it for the cat bookmark as then the cat would be the same on both sides) and pin it to your chosen felt. The felt is going to go in the fabric to make the bookmark more stable. Cut out the felt.
The template outline.
Pin the felt to the template and cut out.
2. Take your chosen fabric material and turn it inside out.
Fold over the fabric so you have two halves (the main print should be facing each other and you should see the side that will be on the inside when turned over). Pin the cut out felt on top of the folded material and sew along three of the sides, leaving the bottom of the bookmark untouched.
Do NOT sew the felt to the material!!!

Turn the material inside out and fold in halve.
Pin the cut out felt on top of the folded material and sew along the lines, leaving one
side unsewn and not sewing the felt to the fabric.
3. Once you have sewn around, take the felt out and turn the fabric right side out. Carefully place the felt back in, making sure it fills any corners and is smooth. At the side that you did not sew up, the bottom, turn over the fabric inside, with one side covering the felt and the other tucked in next to it and sew along.
For the cat bookmark, I got some twine that I had spare and used it as it's whiskers and then a small white button for it's nose.
 And voila, you are done!
The finished product...

Well there you have it, a super duper easy bookmark perfect if you or someone you know loves a good read.
You can create pretty much anything really, I mean I did a cat but you can do a dog, a flower, a unicorn or perhaps even a girl/boy!
Keep your eyes peeled out for this month's bake!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


  1. These are so pretty! I'm a crazy cat lady, so I really LOVE the cat one!

    Stephanie, x


    1. Aw thank you! I loved making them, so easy to do! And yeah, I think that one is my favourite, so cute! x

  2. Wow, that's very cute and great idea on how use remnants fabric.

  3. OMG I LOVE this! I love to read and sometimes I just end up using a postcard or one of those ads in a magazine - aka they're not cute. I definitely want to try this out! :)


    1. Awwww I am glad you like it! If you try it out them pleaseeeeeeee send me a picture of it, I would LOVE to see it! xxx

  4. Love this! I'm so bad at using bookmarks, but if I made some like this, I'd definitely use them! :D

    1. Aww good! If you make one then I would love to see it!!! x


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