#TheGirlGang Blogging challenge introduction

Ahhhhhhh The Girl Gang... Spreading positivity and happiness around like confetti. I LOVE IT!
Formed by Jemma from Dorkface, The Girl Gang was set up to create a space for bloggers to communicate and share their posts etc. GG do movie nights and regular chats and they even hosted their very own event, which I am so jealous about because I really wanted to go!

Anyway, as I was scrolling through their Facebook page I stumbled onto a post about a 30 day blogging challenge Aimee, from Everyday Aimee, has set us lovely lot!

Image from Aimee's blog!
Of course it was challenge accepted and here we are! For the next 30 days, you are stuck with me posting every single day in September, aren't you a lucky lot!?

So here is '#TheGirlGang Blogging challenge (Day One)'...

The first post is all about yourself and introducing your life - where you are from.
Here I go!
My name is Caroline, but people call me Caz for short - hence my blog's name.
I am from the North East England and I love it here! There are so many places to visit, so many sights to see and of course we have the parmo! A veggie parmo for me though!
Like everywhere, we have some areas that aren't so nice but the majority is lovely!
I wouldn't change where I from and where I am for the world!
Until next time


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