Five bloggers I have found during the GG challenge

If you type into Twitter ggblogchallenge then a whole twenty handfuls of posts will come up in the challenge. You meet new people, you find out about the person behind the blogs and most importantly, you interact with them.

For todays post, it is all about five bloggers we have found during the past 22 days of the GGblog challenge.

So here is '#TheGirlGang Blogging challenge (Day Twenty Two)'...

I first came across Vantiy and Vodka blog when Steph followed me on Twitter I think and I love it!
Following all of her GG blog challenge posts, I adore the way she writes and love the fact that she loves Primark and candles like me!
Ok so this is a blog that I discovered through this challenge!
The girl behind the blog is Sanoobar and I am so glad she did this challenge!
Her blog's photography is always stunning in her posts and the fact that she wants to meet Audrey Hepburn, just yesssss!
First things first, thank you Aimee for creating such a wonderful blog challenge, I am lovingggggg it!
Aimee's blog is soooo fab, filled with a mixture of content!
She also loves a good burger so what more can you ask for in a blogger?
And her boarder collie, Gracie, is sooooooo cute!
Another blog I have found since doing the challenge and it is Layla's blog!
I love the way she writes, it is chatty and informal and something to just sit and read!
I am also loving her recipes, especially that yellow rum cake and the dish that has no name because they both look soooooo good!
Final blog now.
Now I love a good recipe, I love trying out different foods and making them and of course eating them! So when I discovered Ada's blog I fell in love!
She does a mixture of posts but my gosh, her recipes she publishes all look sooo tasty! Especially them brownies and ice cream,
Well there you have it!
Until tomorrow


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