Ticking off my bucket list

A week done in the Girl Gang 30 day blogging challenge, how fast has the week gone?! Scary stuff!

Now, everyone has a bucket list right?! It is only natural for us to do something that both excited us and terrifies us at the same time!

I have a lot of things on my list, some I have done and some I haven't but either way, I will complete it!

Due to the fact I have so many, I am giving you 10 things I would absolutely love to do in my lifetime. One of them is in the main photo!

So here is 'Lifestyle| #TheGirlGang Blogging challenge (Day Seven)'...

Travel to New York, Las Vegas and California
Make a glass bauble from scratch
Meet Colin Morgan
Explore the UK more
Go to Northern Ireland for at least a couple of days
Write and publish a recipe book
Open my own ice cream/cake parlour
 Ride in a hot air balloon (main pic)
Make a dress form scratch
See the Northern Lights at least once
A little list from my huge bucket list but who knows, fingers crossed I complete them!
What is on your bucket list?
Until next time

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