My current go to outfit

All about fashion today in this GG challenge post! I love finding a piece of item that you can pretty much wear with anything or that you can just put on and feel comfortable in. Doesn't happen to me as often as I like it too (I suppose that's good in a way since I have zero money) but when it does it is fab!

Due to this, I have conjured up a little go to outfit that is simple but colourful and stylish.

So here is '#TheGirlGang Blogging challenge (Day Twenty Four)'...

Top- Primark, £5
Jeans- Primark, £17
Shoes- Primark, £6
Bag- Primark, £10
I tried finding all the items online but I had no luck!
They might not be available anymore but they could be in store, it is always worth a look!
Clearly a running theme in my go to outfit like. You either love it or hate it but you cannot say that Primark don't do nice stuff... I mean just look at them embroidered jeans?!?!?!?!!
Like I said before, it is a simple outfit but it has a pop of colour with the mustard and the red in the jeans and the mustard baseball tee.
Basically it is an outfit to chill in, go shopping in, go wherever in really.
Simple yet stylish.
There you go!
See you tomorrow
All photographs my own!


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