My weird celebrity crushes

After a couple of personal posts [gosh, I am rolling them out like aren't I], I thought I would post something a little more light hearted. A fangirl post... Yesssssssssssss!

We all have crushes in life and we all have crushes on famous people [I am looking at you Colin Morgan]. Whether it is the opposite sex or the same sex, we all drool over them and say 'how can one be so perfect' and have a bit of a cry at their amazing talent and beauty. And when I write we, I mean me. That's just how I roll evidently!

However, we all have our weird celebrity crushes, where when we tell people they normally tell us to get our eyes checked. My eyesight is pretty fab for your information!

Due to this, I have came up with these four celeb crushes that people just say 'what the hell Caroline'...

Gary Lightbody
Snow Patrol's lead singer, Gary Lightbody, is so attractive in my eyes.
His eyes, his smile, his little stumble that is going on in that gif like yessssssss!
He can sing me a song any day of the week!

Prof Brian Cox

Not to be confused with the actor but I properrrrrrrrrr fancy Professor Brian Cox so much!
I fins him SO attractive, I don't know why but I am rolling with it. His passion to do with space really makes me fall in love because I love space and honestly, can he just teach me everything whilst I can stare into his beautiful eyes?!

James Blunt

Right, do you think that James looks a bit like Brian??? Just me? Okey dokey then!
You either love him or hate him but I find You're Beautiful singer James Blunt aka King of Twitter [honestly he is hilarious on there] kinda attractive.

Freddie Highmore


There I said it!
Ok, got that off me chest.
I have had a MAJOR crush [if you cannot tell that already] on this actor for a few years now and people always say 'what the hell Caz' or 'you need some glasses mate' but damn, yesssss Freddie YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
Well there you go, my weird crushes!
Until next time


  1. I totally agree with you about Prof Brian Cox he is my longtime celeb crush. And I didn't even know it was a weird crush haha xxx

    1. I proper love him me, sooooo attractive! x

  2. Oh my gosh, I have a crush on Brian Cox too! I think it's his intelligence and soft voice that do it for me. I also have a major MAJOR thing for Louis Theroux and Sigourney Weaver.. I just don't even know.

    Olivia - The Northernist x

    1. YES, and I love his face hahahaha! And Louis Theoux, oh my gosh yesssssssssssss! x

  3. Oooooh some weird things here! I have quite a few weird crushes myself!!

    Rachael xox

    1. I love to have a weird crush and finding out who's everyone else's weird crush haha x


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