Why I have never had a relationship

During my 22 years of existence, I have never had a real relationship. I have had a couple on/off ones and will they/wont they situations but not a real boyfriend and girlfriend deal. Growing up, most of my friends had a partner and then there was me, just chilling. Like I am the queen of third-wheeling.

Not going to lie, this used to get me down, like why did I not have a boy holding my hand? Was it because I was this fat, weird kid that was annoying? Probably. However, growing up and looking back on it all, I can safely say I wasn't ready to have a boyfriend and that I realllllllllllllly did not want relationship.

And here is why I have never had dated anyone...

During my teenager years, everyone was getting with everyone else, literally. Our school was full of people dating other people and then dating other people and so on...
My friendship group wasn't like that. There was only a handful of us that had boyfriends/girlfriends through secondary school. It really played with my self confidence and I was like 'I am so ugly', 'no one wants to date a whale', 'I am so unattractive to boys', 'forever single'.
But the thing is, I couldn't care less now, especially with that very last one. I couldn't care less if I will be single forever. Yeah, I do want a relationship and I think I am ready for one now but what will be will be as cliché as that is.

Just because you haven't had a relationship, doesn't mean that you are ugly or not going to date in your lifetime.
There are a number of reasons why you may not.
Haven't met the right boy.
You cannot talk to boys you fancy to save your life [I am looking at myself here hahah help me].
You might just not be ready for one.
You are focusing on other things in your life and that is a-ok!
And the thing is, there is nothing wrong with that and you shouldn't be made to feel like there is!

During those seven terrible years at secondary school and the amazing three at university, it highlights to me that I was focused on my education and there ain't nothing wrong with that. That was the main thing in my life and now that it is over, I can focus on other aspects, for example my career and my non-existent love life.
And there you have it, why I have never had a relationship!
Until next time
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