A makeup studio heaven blogger event

On Thursday 11th May, I attend a blogger event and it was so much fun. Hosted by the lovely Amanda Bell, it was set in her brand new and very beautiful makeup studio in Norton!

It was such a lovely event! I got to see some of my favourite bloggers and have a much needed catch up and got to meet new bloggers, which is always nice!

Because I had such a fab time on Thursday night, I thought I would share some snaps I took of the pretty studio! Get ready for every blogger's dream studio for blog photos.

A fabulous bright and white studio...

 How pretty is the studio though, especially that cute little sitting area! I mean look at them bright mirror lights and the cute grey sofa and the wall art [I love a bit of wall art me], it is so lovely and obviously perfect for a makeup studio!
It looked so absolutely luxurious!
The best thing about it was definitely the company. Amanda was so lovely and her passion for her job just proper shined throughout the event and in the details in her studio.
It was sooooooooooo great catching up with some of my faves and finally meeting other North East bloggers, who I constantly stalk online because I just loveeee their blogs!
We also received a little goody bag filled with Charlotte Tilbury makeup! I, for one, have never tried her products before [I am not too bothered by her range to be honest] so I am intrigued to see what the fuss was about surrounding her beauty products!
In our lovely goody bag, we got some really cool things! From a Eau De Parfum, a moisturiser and a matte lipstick to a couple of creams, I cannot wait to try these out to be fair!
Also got an adorable little box from Tutti, an organic skin care brand, which hid a cute face cream inside and some lavender [anyone else proper love the smell of lavender].

Thanks again to Amanda for hosting this lovely event, I had so much fun and it was so nice to see some of my favourite bloggers! I loved it!
Well there you have it, such a fabulous night!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


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