Top three male characters (TV)

Being a professional fangirl and all certainly comes with its ups and down (mainly ups though). You become involved in the story, ship two characters so hard it hurts [yes, I am looking at you Merthur] and you just fall in love with people in it. And then they end up either alone or they die.

There are sooooo many characters I love on TV, too many to even begin to tell you the precise figure. However, these three in particular are definitely my favourite, for very different reasons. Today I am focusing on male TV show characters but don't worry, there will be a female version post coming up as well!

So here are my favourite gentlemen on the small screen...

Lex Luthor, Smallville
First up we have Superman's enemy, Lex Luthor. Now, I flipping loveeeeeeeee this tv show, based on one of DC's most loved superheroes. I love the fact that it is set before Clark Kent puts on the famous blue suit but also the characters and how they develop throughout the 10 series.
Lex, played by Michael Rosenbaum, is my fave by farrrrr! I love how we see him be friends with Clark at first and then slowly he develops into the villain we all know and love! Plus the fact, I fancy Lex a lot a lot in this and he is a badass! 
Paul Spector, The Fall
Another villain now [I just love my bad guys don't I] and he comes from one of my all time favourite TV shows, BBC Two's The Fall. Paul Spector, played by Jaime Dornan, has to be one of the most intense, darkest and captivating characters I have watched.
The show basically focuses on Paul, who is serial killer [this ain't a spoiler, we know this from the get go] and him trying not to get caught whilst teasing the police. Him as a character really fascinates me a lot. One minute he is killing a woman and the next he is a family man, with his wife and two young children.
Jaime is a class actor [I don't care what you say, he is, this show was before *that* film so don't judge it] and is just refreshing to watch in this intense drama!
Merlin, Merlin
We end with my baby, my love, my fave, my Merlin.
If you know me personally or follow me on Twitter then you will know how much I love this show.
Merlin, the title character of an internationally loved BBC One fantasy drama, is my favourite ever TV show character and it is simple really as to why.
1) He is a sassy sorcerer. 2) He is so flipping cute, I love him so much. 3) His character development from just being a serving boy to Prince [later King] Arthur to the badass warlock to ever walk the earth is fabulously done. 4) He comes up with the most amazing insults. [insert dollophead joke here].
Inspired by Smallville [wooooooooooo], the show takes you on sooo many adventures and Merlin just captivates you with his likeability, quirkiness but also his innocence and loyalty to Camelot and Arthur.
He will forever be my favourite.
Well there you have it, my top three male characters from TV!
Keep an eye out for the female version coming soon!
Until next time



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