Goodbye 2015

As we say goodbye to what has been a rollercoaster of year, it is time to reflect.

From the general election, the refugee crisis and high profile deaths to same-sex marriage legalisation, and the new Bond film Spectre, it has been a crazy ride!

End of the year!
But here are my highlights of the year I have had!

So here is 'Goodbye 2015, A look back'...

This blog
I originally created 'Cheer Up Buttercup' to help me express some of the feelings I have kept to myself over the past 10 years. I wanted to write posts about the experiences I have dealt with- that might sound weird coming from a 21 year old but I have had to deal with a lot when I was younger (like many) and felt that it was time to let them all go.

However over the past 12 months, I have released those feelings and now, I am really happy with the way my blog have gone.
Turning 21
In November, I turned 21 and it was amazing!
God, I am so old now hahahaha
I joined an Independent Women's group
As this year marks the 100th year anniversary of the Women's Institute (WI), in September I joined Pimms and Needles.
I love this idea of having a group of women together, I have been wanting to join one for 3 years or so. I love the fact that you meet people you wouldn't normally meet and talk/do things you are all passionate about and in an environment where every one is friendly and supportive. It is fab!
I joined a women's group at the age of 20, such fun!
Meeting Mary Berry
Mary Berry is my baking idol. She is the Queen of all things baking and I love her!
2015 was the year I got to meet her!
She was opening a new £4.5 million Barker and Stonehouse flagship store near where I live and I had to go and see the Great British Bake Off judge.

I have most of her recipe books and I completely love her appearance and her personality she has both on and off the screen. And she did not fail to disappoint. With her bold jacket on and her lovely, warm smile on, she greeted her fans and this is one of the highlights of my life never mind the year!
Meeting Mark Gatiss
Known for playing Mycroft in BBC One's international hit show Sherlock to being a Doctor Who writer, I am a huge fan of Mark!
I love him as an actor, I love him as a writer. So when I found out he was coming to a theatre near me, I needed to get tickets to see it... badly! It was a fab night, learning about Mark on and off screen, how he loves what he is doing and appreciates it.
To end off the evening, I heard the words I longed to hear.
Mark Gatiss was going to the bar area to meet you and sign anything and have a photograph with you.
My inner fan girl squeaked with happiness at the thought of meeting someone who I have loved for a while now.
Sometimes, they don't go out and meet you after the person/band etc you have seen have finished performing which is annoying but I am so happy Mark did!
Meeting All Time Low
In 2014, I had the chance to meet my favourite band You Me At Six. That was one of the best days of my life so when I found out that another band I liked was coming to the town near me, I couldn't resist going.
On the 23rd March, my friend and I got the chance to meet American pop-punk band All Time Low at a HMV signing for their new album, Future Hearts. We had seen them in concert in 2012 and they were amazing so we were super duper excited to meet them. And they did not disappoint! They were all so nice and I gave Jack and Rian high fives and managed to get some photographs of them!
 Such a great day out meeting them!
Three trips to the capital city this year! What an adventure these were!
From attending my first ever film premiere (Spectre), seeing my love (Audrey Hepburn) in her exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, going to the sunny seaside town of Brighton (and visiting Choccywoccydoodah), being in the Loose Women audience, to going on the London Eye after being scared of it for 5 years, walking up 300 steps in St Paul Cathedral to see the view, finally seeing Wicked/Jersey Boys/The Importance of Being Ernest, and having afternoon tea at The Ritz and The Ivy, there are so many reasons why this is why they are in my year highlights!

Jersey Boys and The Ritz
Brighton, Audrey Hpeburn exhibition, Choccy and The
Importance of Being Ernest.

Loose Woman, London Eye, The Ivy, Spectre and Wicked!
View from St Paul's
Uni degree
I passed my Foundation Uni degree with a merit - a lot better than I was expecting!
This year, I started sewing. For my 21st, my mother bought me a sewing machine and boy, I have been busy.
From making cushion covers and even two Christmas stockings, I have found something I love doing!
Some realisations
Self doubt and very little self belief knocks your confidence. It doesn't help when people make you feel even worse.
However, if the past couple of months have taught me anything then its this:
May seem obvious but for along time I was afraid of what people thought of me and covered myself up, not to stand out in the crowd but to fade into it.
Well, no more I say!
Be weird, be happy, be free, be a fan girl, be you.
What has 2015 bought you? Comment below!

Until next time
All photographs are my own!





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