End of the Year and all that

It is almost time to say goodbye 2015 and hello to 2016 (where has this year gone?!) And of course it is that time of year for all the 'new year, new me' rubbish.

I always try and do a New Year's Resolution. Last year it was to continue being a veggie and cook something new every month which I did.

This year... Well this year I am going to expand some of my skills further - hopefully!

So here is 'End of the Year, New Years resolution'...

For my 21st birthday, my lovely mother bought me a sewing machine (she is such an amazing person).
Here and there, I have been sewing bits n bobs, mostly cushion covers because who doesn't love a cushion! For Christmas Santa bought me two sewing books filled with lots of crafty things to get my hands into!
I also got some baking things with some money throughout the year and I just love baking cookies, cakes, tarts etc!
So I thought why not join the two together and produce something new every month!
Don't worry, I will be posting a series called 'Bake and Make' to show you how to make them too!
I get wait to stuck in!
What is your New Year's Resolution?
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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