Bold, green eyes

It is time to get the festive look so todays post is all about the makeup. Eye makeup to be precise.

I love messing on with my eyes in terms of makeup. I find it really relaxing and very enjoyable.. Don't ask why, I have no idea haha!
If there is one thing I love putting on, it is eye liner for sure so I am showing you the perfect colour liner for this holiday!

Here is a Christmassy look in my '25 Days of Christmas| Day Fifteen'...

I loved this product from Primark's P.S makeup range. It was so easy to apply, although I did have to touch it up but practice makes perfect they say.
From the price of £1, you really can't go wrong with this product in my eyes.

To see the colour a bit better!
From thick or thin lines, the brush is small so it is simple to do both.
I would recommend that you circle the brush around the rim, just to get off any unwanted liner because when you apply it, it does draw on thick.
The green turned out to be an emerald colour which I adored and is perfect for the autumn/winter season.

 Definitely, definitely one for all of those girls who cant leave the house without eyeliner on.
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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