We're walking in the airrrrrr

Another film review now and this one comes in the shape of a snowman. The Snowman to be precise.
This animated classic is such a lovely, gentle short film to watch on a cold, dark night.

So here is '25 Days of Christmas| Day Thirteen'...

Rating: 3.5/5

A bit about the plot:
One cold day, a young boy build a snowman in his garden but when the clock strikes midnight that night, it magically is bought to life.
We first see the snowman trying to figure out toys, kitchen appliances and other things in the boys house whist trying not to wake up the boys parents.
The second part is where they are outside, wondering on a motorbike seeing animals such as rabbits, barn owls and foxes.
Then suddenly the snowman takes flight and him with the boy fly over the boys house, his town and other buildings in different cities!
To make things even better they fly off to a snowmen's party and have a good old dance whilst meeting Santa and his reindeers!
 But what happens the morning after the boy's and his snowman's adventures?
I really enjoy this animated film because of the music. Originally a picture book by English author Raymond Briggs, the 1982 film has zero speech in it other then the songs but the music makes this classic.
When the main character (a boy) makes the snowman to when it comes to life and then the ending, you go on an adventure with them both. The music will make you happy, sad, joyful and nervous to find out what will happen next.

Of course, the well known song Walking in the Air is featured on it and you can't help but sing along and try to get that high pitched note!
It ends off as a singing competition when that starts hahah!

The only thing is that there is no talking. It's refreshing but its probably because I'm not use to it and I like speech/wording but apart from that, it is a fab family film.

Overall, The Snowman is a great, festive film to sit back and relax to. You don't have to worry about anything when this is on.

Until next time
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