Some festive nails

For this day, I will be showing you a nail design perfect for Christmas!

The base colour is red, this is going to go on every finger nail but they will be five festive designs that will make others have nail envy

So here is '25 Days of Christmas| Day Seven '...

What varnish did I use?
I also used an old liquid eye liner brush (clean) but you can use cocktail sticks or something like this.
What to do:
1. Paint all nails with the red nail varnish, you will probably need 2-3 coats. Allow time to dry completely.
2. Lets start with the thumb nail. This is going to be pretty little snowflakes. Grab your cocktail stick (or what ever you are using), take the silver polish and draw on snowflakes. I did four lines that overlapping each other.
3. Next finger, a Santa hat. Simple design this, all you do it take the silver varnish and draw on the bottom of your nail a bumpy line and fill it in.
4. For the middle finger, take the silver again with the cocktail stick and draw on diagonal lines. This is the candy cane design.
5. Santa's suit now so take your black varnish and draw a line 3/4 the way down your nail and then draw a few dots going up creating his buttons. Taking the silver varnish draw a line next to the dots and then draw a little box in the middle of the black line for his buckle. Design complete.
6. The pinkie finger now and for the snowman design. With the silver nail varnish paint over the red 3/4 of the way down. The red is his scarf and the silver is his face. Take the orange and draw a little sideways triangle for his carrot nose then take the black varnish and draw two dots for his eyes and a few for his nice warm smile.
7. Allow all nails to dry and then cover with clear nail varnish and you are done!
Here are mine:
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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