Anyone for a cuppa?


 And for day twenty two (can you believe it?!), I will be showing you a last minute present idea that is perfect for anyone who loves a good cuppa.
A mug!  

But not just any mug, one with cool letters print on it for someone's initial.
So here is '25 Days of Christmas| Day Ten'...
Coming in a £2, this mug is fab as I love the detail.
From George at Asda, on one side it has a smaller letter on. In my case that's the letter S for my mum's name!
But on the other side it has the much more bolder and bigger letter on so it isn't just the same old thing.

Don't worry, if you don't need the letter S then there are 25 other ones available haha!
You could even be your whole family on who live with you and hang them all up on hooks in the kitchen!

Fill it with sweets, tea bags and nice little hot chocolate set or just leave it as it is, the list is endless.
A fab last minute present if you are struggling!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!



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