Rocking Robin...

Another decoration post today but I have two to show you! Aren't you all lucky, eh?! I love buying things for my Christmas tree, I have an artificial white one so I put that up in my room.

So when I saw these two baubles, I just needed to have them. They are so pretty and simple but so effective.

Here is '25 Days of Christmas| Day Nine'...

The first bird is this adorable glass one with holly painted on it.
Holly is something that will always remind me of the festive period, whether it is outside on a holly bush or in a wreath etc. Just scream Christmas to me.
This delicate bauble costs £2.99 and is from Wyevale Garden Centre. There was another on with mistletoe painted on but I liked this one just that little bit more. Tweet Tweet!

The second pretty bird is this pink humming bird. Coming in at £3.99 from the same place as the previous one, it is so pretty. I love the fact that is pink but in certain lighting it goes all rainbow and I would have this out all year round to be honest.
It also comes in blue and clear so it suits any tree!

There you go, another post down!
Hope you are enjoying the festive vibe on my blog so far!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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