Baby, it's cold outside

Day nineteen (not long to go now woooo) and it is time from an accessory that is so big it could be a duvet cover. A winter scarf!

Tis the season to wrap up all nice and warm and a scarf is a must in my eyes.
So here is '25 Days of Christmas| Day Nineteen'...

I am a sucker for a scarf and a sucker for floral patterns and when you combine the two, it is a match made in heaven for me.
Costing £8 from Primark, I am in love with the pattern on this. The autumnal colours of red, green, gold on the bold black background, it is perfect.
It gives off a Russian kind of vibe in my eyes.
Although the photos don't show you, it is huge! Like you can wear it as an over the shoulder blanket, thats how massive it is.

Primark do a range of scarfs and other winter must haves.

Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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