Pimms and Needles| A festive event

A special post for day ten in the fact that this is where I write about my fab time at Pimms and Needles!
The December evening certainly lived up to my expectation last night and to make it even better, my friend Lauren came along too as a guest!
Ready with my mocktail and mag!
Filled with mocktails (cocktails minus the alcohol), mulled wine, makeup demostrations and Christmassy stalls, it certainly got us in the mood for the big day! (Can you believe it is only 15 days away, crazy?!)
So as I currently tuck into my chips and garlic sauce whilst writing this at 11pm on the 9th, here is '25 Days of Christmas| Day Ten'...

 First things first, a huge shout out to all who organised the event and to the cute stalls selling us ladies lovely presents and bits n bobs, it was such a fantastic night!
The evening started with our usual talk through the fun filled night and boyyyy, Lauren and I were super duper excited!
As we made our way to the little Christmas inspired market with about eight stalls, the sense of
excitement was in the air!
From jewellery, handmade Christmas gifts to quirky items and Christmassy cards, I bought a few purchases.
Kacao Chocolaterie, a chocolate stall (so many nice yummy
looking to sink your teeth into)
I bought three bars (two the same). One is an Eton Mess (god,
I love that dessert) and the other two is a milk chocolate
bar with white choc stars painted in gold glitter!

The Crafty Bugger, the perfect little stall for gifts selling lots of
cool and unique crafty pieces!

Maison Royale, for furniture, gifts and homeware
products this is the place to shop! 

Aquamarine JellyBean, selling unique and fabulous

A selection of Christmassy bits n bobs for sale over
at Rustic Elf's stall.

Light up bottles over at Totes Adore!

I bought this adorable £5 Pimms and Needles mug and look how pretty it is!

I also bought this vintage looking necklace from ElanVee, who specialises in pretty costume jewellery, bags and scarves!
The necklace cost me £9 and I love it. The big pink bead reminds me of one of those old perfume bottles that you have the squeeze something that looks like this and the perfume comes out.
It is perfect for that vintage look!

Next we headed towards the mocktail place!
A lovely man made us this orange and cranberry juice drink, it was suppose to be Sex on the Beach but without the alcohol of course!
It was lovely and refreshing but it did leave a weird taste in our mouths. 
Still delicious though!
Look at all the yummy treats too!
Chocolate cake that look like Christmas puddings aw!

Christmas tree biscuits!

Mince pies!
Throughout the evening, makeup artist Erin was showing us makeup demonstrations which were really useful as one of them was how to do a smoky eye look in which every time I try and create this it looks like I have a black eye.
A raffle was also drawn towards the end of the evening where the lovely stalls give one or more items so about 6 people won something!
Oh what a night!
To end the night off with a bang, we went to the takeaway and bought some chips with garlic sauce *heavy breathing*
Such a fun filled night with plenty of spending and plenty of Christmas cheer!
I for one cannot wait for the January meeting!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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