Christmas dinner in a chocolate bar


For this post will be showing you a treat that shouldn't work but kinda does.

Chocolate... vegetarian Christmas dinner flavoured.

Yep, I thought the same. What on earth is this concoction?! So my friend got me this as a part of my secret Santa gift and I was so intrigued and surprisingly, the chocolate is kinda a tasty in a strange-not making any sense way!

So here is '25 Days of Christmas| Day Twenty One'...

First of all this chocolate is from The Chocolate Smiths and well, this bar is certainly bizarre.
With ingredients of Christmas dinner (garlic, sage, salt, cranberries, pepper and onion salt), it is definitely a gift that people will remember.

It is such a weird flavour, like my taste buds were going crazy but its crazy how it actually tastes quite nice.
Although you couldn't eat the whole thing in one sitting, it is something that I personally haven't seen before and its very quirky to be given as a gift to someone.
They do a range of bizarre bars too for example 'Cheese and Crackers' and even 'Bacon' flavoured chocolate. I mean what on earth?!
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Its like having dinner and dessert at the exact same time!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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