Penguins on a jumper? Yes, please!

A Christmas jumper now and it is following on the theme of my penguins.

This is an adorable jumper that is perfect to snuggle into on a cold, wintery night because it is so soft and comfortable.

So here is '25 Days of Christmas| Day Eighteen'...

I love this so much. The detail panel on the top is too cute for words. Two penguins kissing with the funky pattern too, it is simple but so effective.

Costing £14, it is from Primark (of course) and it is so soft you could sleep in it.
I did buy a jumper from there a couple of years ago and it made my skin itchy but this one completely makes me forget about that!

Paired with some nice black/dark blue jeans and silver accessories, you are definitely ready for the winter!

Primark do a range of other Christmassy jumpers, some novelty and some like this so you can never go wrong with one!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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