Lighting up Christmas

Day twooooooooooo and for this I will be showing you this adorable bauble I bought for my mothers Christmas present.

A light up church bauble. How cute is this though?!

This would look so pretty on a Christmas tree but also on a windowsill or table.

So here is 25 Days of Christmas| Day Two....

Ok so I bought this from Wyevale Garden Centre for £3.99 and it is so cute.
My mum has been looking at this for a while so I thought I would buy it for her.

It is super duper cute.
When it is all dark outside and the fire is on, watching a Christmas film, it looks soooo pretty when its all lot up, the stars appear on the ceiling due to the shapes in the church.
Well there you go, I am getting that festive feeling now!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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