Three things to do on a winters day

With the temperature dropping and the frost/snow coming down, sometimes you just want to stay indoors. Sometimes you have the very good idea of actually going out in it but hey ho, each to their own!

Due to this, I have came up with this little post about three things you could day on a cold winters day!

So here is 'Blogmas| Three things to do on a winters day'...


Who doesn't love to bake?!
Wintery days are soooo good for creating delicious treats, like the beaut berry meringue I made last year, as you make them whilst listening to Christmas songs and at the end of the day you have homemade treats to eat whilst watching TV with the family or in your cosy bed.

I loveeeeeeee strolling through the park and seeing all of the beautiful autumnal coloured leaves but also wrapping up super duper warm but feeling that crisp chill in the air. It just makes me so happy to walk around a park and see the naked trees and the birds flying over my head. Something very relaxing about it.

Who doesn't love to stay in and binge watch on as many films as they possibly can in that space of time! Don't lie, you love it! Especially during this time. 24/7 Christmas film TV channels or watching them festive DVDs, you cannot beat a day on the sofa, feeling Christmassy with a hot chocolate in your hand or eating so many chocolates you cannot move.
Well there you have it, now I am going to go and binge watch on some films whilst wrapped in a massive fluffy blanket with a hot chocolate in my hand.
Until next time!
All photographs my own!


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