Lighting up Christmas again!

I loveeeee lights, I am obsessed with them in fact! There is no better time of year when you can fill all of your house with them than Christmas because you can hang them outside and inside on every furniture you have and of course on your Christmas tree!

Because of my massive Audrey Hepburn framed photo I have on my bureau, I wanted some cute string lights I can put up for the Christmas period. I have normal ones that are up all year, Halloween ones for that spooky day so of course I needed festive ones!

After looking for ages, I found these bargain ones (and I mean an absolute bargain) and well, I had to share them!

So here is 'Blogmas| Lighting up Christmas!'...

Yes, you read that right, £1. These adorable Christmas tree shaped lights were only 100 pennies and I love them! They are battery operated, needing 2x AA batteries, and have a total of 10 lights, so perfect for my Audrey photo but if you have a small Christmas tree or a little table somewhere in your home then these would be great for that!
And if the price didn't hook you in then this should! They light up green! It is like having 10 little Christmas trees shining in your room!
Poundland do a range of lights so if you want something else then check them out, especially for that price!
Well there you go, lighting up Christmas with cute Christmas tree shaped lights!
How festive!
All photographs my own!


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