Pimms and Needles Christmas Hampers

Last night was my Pimms and Needles meeting and this one was all about them Christmas hampers we see everywhere at this time of year.

From a mixture of little stores we can purchase goods at to the materials we need to create our hampers, it definitely was a night full of festive cheer! The only thing missing was that Christmassy music but it is safe to say we were all getting into the spirit of Christmas for sure!

So here is 'Blogmas| Pimms and Needles Christmas Hampers'...

First things first, a little thank you to those who organised the event and the people who did the little stalls, it was such a fab meeting!
We started of the evening with a presentation about what we were doing and what to expect in future meetings, including a burlesque night which I, for one, am soooooooo excited about!
Then it was time to get stuck into making our hampers. It was so lovely to see everyone making theirs because they were all so different.
Some had socks in them, biscuits, sweets, face masks, Lindt chocolate (which is the best chocolate in the world), hair products and so many more!

And now onto the cute little stalls that were there!
Buttercream, fabulous cakes made by Emma, gave us all some Christmas spirit with her festive edible creations!
Selling pretty scarves and costume jewellery was eLanVee.
On the left was Rosalind's Larder, selling curds and jams (yummy) and The Crafty Bugger, on the right, selling handmade crafts!
There was also Rebecca selling Jamberry nails but unfortunately I didn't get the chance to take a pic of her stand!
And here is my afternoon tea hamper as a part of my mother's Christmas present...
Well there you have it, I am definitely feeling festive now!
Until next time
All photographs my own!


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