Must watch Christmas TV

Let's face it, Christmas TV is the best TV. Festive films on 24/7, repeats of your favourite shows and of course, Christmas specials! The latter one being my favourite as well known and truly loved TV shows give us one (or a couple/few) special episode to eat our Terry's Chocolate Orange and drink our hot chocolates to.

This year is no different and I have came up with these six tv shows that have a festive special(s) to gaze our eyes upon.

So here is 'Blogmas| Must watch Christmas TV'...

Great British Christmas Bake Off
BBC One, Christmas Day, 4:45pm and Boxing Day, 7pm
Ahhhhh one of my top 10 favourite TV shows ever and earlier this year, news broke that BBC's much loved cookery competition show, that sees amateur bakers bake it off, in the Great British Bake off (GBBO) move to Channel Four. Let us just say there was uproar when we heard the news and that adverts will ruin the show and that I will not be watching it, especially because Sue and Mel (the presenters) and Mary Berry (one of the two judges on the show and the best person to ever walk on this earth - as well as Merlin). The other Judge Paul Hollywood is moving with the programme but I don't like him so I don't care about that.
Anyway, that's my (massive) rant over about the move and onto the last ever episodes of the much loved programme airing on BBC. The Christmas specials woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! This year, I think there are eight (split into four for each ep, two in total) returning Bake Off favourites and I am soooooo excited about this, honestly I am going to miss it so much!
Doctor Who
BBC One, Christmas Day, 5:45pm
I proper love Doctor Who but the last series was a bit of a rollercoaster like I loved some episodes and I didn't like others.
However, I am soooo looking forward to seeing the Doctor and a new companion on my TV screen again, in the mysterious Christmas ep called The Return of Doctor Mysterio. Duh duh duhhhhhhh! Ok so the trailer wasn't that thrilling to what we are used to but I am excited to see how the time lord saves New York City from aliens!
Hopefully it will be out of this world (HAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahaaaaa)
Strictly Come Dancing
BBC One, Christmas Day, 6:45pm
Spreading a little (a lot) of glitter on the festive period is public favourite Strictly Come Dancing. In this movie themed Christmas special, six strictly alumni take to the dance floor once more and I honestly cannot wait to see what they can do to get the glitter ball.  
The Witness for the Prosecution
BBC One, Boxing Day, 9pm and 27th Dec, 9pm
I proper love a good murder drama and anything Agatha Christie related is right up there in my favourites. Following last years intensely perfect adaptation of her 'And Then There Were None', words cannot describe how much I am looking forward to see this! Set in the 1920s, there is a brutal murder in a townhouse and this is right up my street!
BBC One, New Years Day, time to be announced
Finally, after waiting what feels like an actual lifetime, we have finally got our much loved consulting detective and trusty sidekick back on our screens! After a whole year of anticipation for its return, this is internationally loved programme, Sherlock, is back with series 4 and the first episode of 'The Six Thatchers'! And things are about to take a very dark turn... And I CANNOT WAIT!
ITV, Christmas Eve, 9pm
We end on another crime drama (I told you they are my favourite programme genre) and this time it is Grantchester, which follows vicar Sidney Chambers and local Detective Inspector Geordie Keating solving cases! In this feature length Christmas ep (normally it is 60mins but this one is 90mins), I cannot wait to see what case they are solving and seeing all of my favourite characters again! A lovely treat before the big day! 
Well there you have it, clearly the BBC are absolutely smashing it this year with their festive treats!
Roll on Christmas TV!
See you tomorrow


All photographs my own!


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