A festive day trip to London

On Saturday 17th December, my mother and I went on a mission to the UK's capital city to see a Christmas tree. Yes, we went to London for a day. My mum has wanted to see the tree in Trafalgar Square for some time now and we just haven't had the chance but because I had finished uni and had no job when we booked the trip, we were all for it! I mean who wouldn't be?!? London at Christmas, yes please!!!!

Shame the Christmas tree looked a bit crappy but it gave us a laugh and we had such a fun, festive day in this winter wonderland of a city!

I thought I would share my photos I captured of the magical Christmassy decorations and what we did. A little photograph based guide of how to spend a day in London at Christmas time!

So here is 'Blogmas| A day trip to London'...

Taking the train down early on a morning certainly has it perks for sure!
Look at that sunrise!!!

Anyway, as soon as we arrived in the big city, we hit our favourite street... Of course, Oxford Street.
Fighting our way through the crowds in Primark first, we bought a couple of things I will admit, we headed towards M&S (obviously), Selfridges, Disney and John Lewis!
 I loved seeing the street's decorations but also the shops and how different they all were but how equally festive they were!

Santa and his polar bear in a window of Selfridges

Disney looking very festive inside!

Pretty décor in John Lewis!
After we shopped until we dropped, we walked down the long curved path of Regents Streets. My gosh, I forgot how long that was! Luckily the pretty angels hanging above the road soon made us forget that our feet were hurting!
We hit Liberty's to see their Christmas display and their inside festive shop, which really got us in the festive mood!

How lovely are these angels on Regents Street!

How beautiful is Liberty's though!

And their stunning pale pink roses outside!

Look at how cool the Burberry car is awwww!
 After we reached Piccadilly, which is at the other end of Regents Street, we hit our favourite shop, Cath Kidston. Now recently they have launched their Disney range and boy, both have been super duper cute! Their first range was a Winnie the Pooh themed, with this one having the main mouse and his love on it, Mickey and Minnie!

We then hit Fortum and Mason to see their Christmas decorations and honestly, I proper loved them all, especially the giant moon and sun hanging from the middle of the stair case.

A stunning church near Fortum and Mason!

I want that dress!
I love this décor in Fortum and Mason so much!

Stopping off at Costa for a festive hot chocolate (with little tiny golden marshmallows yesssss), we then walked down to Leciester square, which also had a little surprise for us! A cute Christmas market!

Get in my belly!

how pretty are these snowflakes near Leicester Square!

Definitely feeling Christmassy after this festive market!
Now it was time for the main event. The tree that my mum had longed to see and booked this trip especially to see. The massive Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square...

And it was crap hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

The main event was a let down but it looks nice with
Nelson's Column and Big Ben in the background!
Heading down the Strand, we ended up at my favourite place in London, Covent Garden!
I was feeling a little bit more Christmassy before we were here but seeing their beautiful mistletoe lights up in the main building and their Christmas tree, I was definitely in the Christmas spirit for sure!
How stunning are they though!

The mistletoe is even down some streets surrounding
the shopping hot spot!
We ended our lovely day trip by going to Somerset House to see the ice ring they have there! This was recommended by one of mums friends and honestly, it was the best way to end off a most perfect trip. Grabbing a hot chocolate in the café there, we just sat for an hour, watching people ice skate and of course, fall down but it was such a lovely thing to do, watch the world go by!

Well there you have it, my little photo based guide to what we did during our festive filled day trip to London!
Until next time

All photographs my own! 


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