Other blogger's Blogmas post I've been loving

Not long now until Christmas day and I cannot believe it is the 23rd already! Time goes fast when you are having fun!

That means we have had 23 whole days of Blogmas posts, not just from me, but from quite a few other bloggers as well!

Due to this and the fact it is Christmas so it is the time to spread happiness and love, I have made a list of these six Blogmas posts that other bloggers have published! I had to whittle it down to six because there were too many of them so I gave myself six as the limit!

So here is 'Blogmas| Other Blogger's Blogmas post I've been loving'...

Now I am not a vegan (I'm a veggie instead) but honestly these recipes look incredible! From sweet potato and parsnips to honeycomb and gingerbread, there are so many dishes I want to try out from her selection!

Not going to lie, when I read this, I had done most of these things on her list but honestly, it is such a good list! If you have a day off at Christmas time and are stuck for anything to do then she has given you ten! No excuse now!
As a lipstick addict, of course any post to do with my favourite beauty product is going to be read by me. When I saw this post, I was like yessssssssssssss red lippy all the way! All of them lipsticks in this posts are to die for, especially the colour of the Maybelline one!
I proper love some good nail art me and even though I like to paint my nails by hand, it doesn't stop me from looking at the pretty nail sets, especially at this time of year! When I read this post about four festive nail sets, I fell in love! They are all so cute and perfect for this season!
Mug cakes are life, let's face it. When you are in the mood for a cake then all you have to do is spoon some ingredients into a heat proof mug, stick it in the microwave for a minute or two and see the magic happen in front of your eyes. This mug cake is perfectttttttttttt for me! Salted caramel is my fave and who doesn't love a good chocolate cake?!
Christmas films are the best and of course, you need at least 2 days to binge watch all of your favourite festive videos! I love this Blogmas post as it features most of my favourites to get me into the Christmas spirit!
Well there you have it, six Blogmas posts from other bloggers I have loved this year!
Until next time
All photographs my own! 


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