Jingle bells bunting

After last months panic of trying to create both my bake and make of the month in the last two days of November, I thought I better get on with planning, preparing and actually making the delicious treat and a cute homemade item for the series! Can you believe that is may be the last Bake and Make post? I did it for my New Years resolution and it is coming to the end of those 12 months! It has gone veryyyyyy quick!

With December obviously being that festive month, both of them are going to be Christmassy themed and first up with have this adorable 'Merry Christmas' bunting. Now this isn't from a craft book, I came up with doing this a couple of nights before and I finished yesterday and here we are!

So here is 'Blogmas| Bake and Make Christmas Bunting'...

What you will need:
Felt (Dark green, red, white)
Gold cord (the material one)
Little bells
Needle and Thread
Fabric glue
Fabric scissors
Tape measure
Fabric pen

What to do now:
1. First to create a template from your felt. I interchanged the colours so I had to create 5x red, 5x white and 4x green bunting. Draw a 11cm by 5cm shape and cut out. Leave 1cm at one of the smaller sides as this is where you are going to fold it over to create a hole to push through the cord.
Cut a little point in the bottom, on the small side, if you want but this is optional.
2. With the left over felt, cut out small little squares, they don't have to be straight lines if you want, and again, I interchanged the colours so this time I had 5x green, 5x red and 4x white squares.
Using fabric glue, stick these onto your bunting but like I said before, I changed the colours again and put them on different coloured bases. Leave to dry.
3. Whilst your bunting is drying, depending on how long it takes, cut out cute little letters to fit inside the squares. For this one, you will need to spell out Merry Christmas. Like before, I interchanged the colours so each bunting has the three different felt on.
4. Once the bunting is dry, glue your letters onto the squares and again, leave to dry.
5. After that has dried, it is now time to do a little bit of sewing. Fold over that 1cm you left and sew along the bottom of that. Obviously you need to do this for all.
Taking your gold cord, push through the hole until all of the bunting is on it. I tied a knot in between the letters to make them space out a bit and to make it a bit longer.
6. Final step now, on the point of the bunting, sew the little bells. Cut off any unwanted thread or cord you have and voila, it is done!
And here is the final adorable finished bunting!

Look how adorable it looks, I am really happy with how it turned out baring in mind I literally decided to make this a couple of days ago.
I just love the festive colours and the quirky letters, like it is a one off!
Feeling Christmassy now for sure!
Well there you have it, a Christmassy bunting for your fireplace, shelves (like me) or even above a door or something, the list is endless.
Come back tomorrow for my next Blogmas post!
Until then
All photographs my own!


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