Five favourite festive TV Ads

You know Christmas is coming once you being to see Christmas adverts pop on your TV screen. From the classics that come on every year to different festive ads for some well known ads, there have been some Christmassy crackers over the years.

I have came up with these five adverts that I love, clue in the main photo! Some are old classics and some are more recent but equally all get you in the real Christmas spirit!

So here is 'Blogmas| My five favourite Christmas TV Ads'...

Coca-Cola, Holidays are Coming

You don't even need to be in the room to recognise this iconic ad.
Those three words automatically makes you realise that Christmas is on its way when this Coca Cola advert is on.
It just makes me feel so festive and even though I don't like coke, I loveeeeeeeee this!
And all together now... Holidays are coming, holidays are coming!!!

Alzheimer's Research, Santa Forgot

This one is my favourite by far, even though it came out this year.
Alzheimer's Disease is very close to my heart as my beautiful grandma passed away from it.
Every time I watch Santa Forgot, it makes me cry. I think about her but also think about how it can effect anyone, even the special man himself.
It is so so so so important and the overall message of believe is just so poignant.
One day we will beat you, Alzheimer's.

John Lewis, Somewhere Only We Know

I think everyone, every year, waits for the first time they see department store John Lewis' Christmas ad. They also pull something moving/incredible out of the Santa's bag! Except this year because I wants keen on that!
However, back in 2013, they produced this animated ad and it is so lovely.
No words, just Lily Allen's version of Somewhere Only We Know and it just has all the emotion and the spirit of Christmas.

M&S, Love Mrs Claus

You may think I am biased because I am working there currently but honestly, I love this year's Marks and Spencer's ad.
It just makes me feel all warm and festive. This hands down beats this years John Lewis ad for me! By thousands of miles!
Normally Christmas ads focus on Santa Claus but I love their take on it and feature his wife mainly instead and Janet McTeer, who plays Mrs Claus, looks absolutely stunning in that little red dress and coat!
And I love the fact that Mrs Claus is reading Fifty Shades of Red as well, that made me giggle a lot!

Sainsbury, WW1

The year 2014 was such an important year as it celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the start of World War One.
When i first saw this Sainsbury's advert, I cried an ocean, as did many people.
Based on real events, it filled my heart with joy and warmth because even though they were enemies fighting each other, the Christmas spirit bought them together and I thought it was a really touching advert to respect the year.

Well there you have it, five festive tv adverts that are my favourite!
What are your fave festive adverts?
Until tomorrow!
All photographs my own!


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