Opening my Beauty Advent Calendar (Week Three)

Well, we are here. Christmas Eve! How crazy is that, the big day is actually tomorrow! Tomorrow!!! I honestly cannot believe it one bit!

Week three of my Marks and Spencer's beauty advent calendar is today's post and my gosh, I still cannot quite believe it has taken me this long to get one of these! Read week one and week two here.

This week is no different to the other two as the products are still soooooooo good and I am just so excited to try them out as well!

So here is 'Blogmas| Opening my Beauty Advent Calendar (Week Three)'...


Rituals, Ritual of Sakura body cream (couldn't find it on the website)

Well there you have it, week three of the beauty advent calendar opened! How fast has this month gone!
You will have to follow me on my Twitter and Instagram to see what the final beauty treat I got for day 25, which I will be posting tomorrow... If I remember to do so amongst me eating as many sweets as I can whilst binged watching festive telly!
See you on Christmas Day eek
All photographs my own! 


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