Opening my Beauty Advent Calendar (Week One)

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you would have seen this picture below. Yes, it is my beauty advent calendar and this is my first ever one and I am sooooooooo excited about it. Now, I work for M&S and this is their 25 day Christmas tree treat filled with, well, 25 amazing products. Basically, it their take on the ever so popular beauty advent calendar that a lot of shops seems to be doing now! You know what they say, a treat a day makes the doctor go away (haha)!

I actually won this at work as we had some left over from the shop floor and work put on a raffle. I think there were 90ish advent calendars and there was a lot of us who put our names down for them so they pulled names out of a hat or something and I was picked! I WAS SO HAPPY AS I REALLY WANTED ONE AND I NEVER WIN ANYTHING WOOOOOOOO!

I thought since it is my first ever beauty calendar, I would post what I got goodies I got in it each week, here is the first six (yes, I know there are seven days in a week but I like to be different- and I forgot to include the seventh item oops)

So here is 'Blogmas| Opening my Beauty Advent Calendar (Week One)'...

All the products in the calendar total a whopping £250, we sold it for £35 when you spent £35 on clothing/beauty/home and well, work were raffling them for £10 each, with that money going to charity. £10 for all of that beauty goodness, my golly gosh, I love working in M&S!

So here are the first six products...
*drum rolls*

Rodial Super Acids peel (couldn't find this on their website)

How amazing is this!!!!!!!!
I honestly cannot believe how much cool stuff you get in them like why have I just got one now! Why has it taken me so long to try one of these! Damn it Caroline!!!!!!
I love the fact that it comes in a super cute packaging with adorable little present printed boxes and the fact it is in a Christmas tree shape.
I also adore how it isn't just one specific brand, like a M&S own, in it. I mean from this, there are 6 different products (some sample sizes I am guessing) in six different brands!
No wonder it was flying off our shelves when we had them in and people asking about them when we sold out!
Honestly, I cannot wait to see for the rest of the products because I am still SOOOOOOOOOOOOO proper buzzing and it is literally only six days worth of the beauties!
See you tomorrow!
All photographs my own!


  1. Cute tree I opted for a small tree and despite having a decent sized lounagr. With minmal decor. You white tree really cute.


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