Sweet treats for you

A short and easy post today that will show you a simple idea for a gift or even table decoration for a party or an event.

For any party, the decorations and table layout is key. And of course the food especially the sweet treats yummmmmmmmmmmmy! In terms of a gift, you sometimes want something different and unique to give to the person soooooo why not do...

Drum roll..... *drumming sounds*

Sweets in jars. Simple as it sounds ha!

Another nice thing about this is that it does not take long at all, just a few easy steps.
So here is 'Sweet treats for you'...

You will need:
A selection of sweets
Some material of your choosing, preferably not too thick!
And some ribbon, any colour you wish.
What to do now?
1. May be a bit obvious but wash your jars with hot soapy water before placing any sweeties in them, especially if they don't have a wrapper. It makes sure that the jars are clean.
2. Put in your selection of sweets, filling the jar to the top. You can put in multiple of sweets or put them in individually, it is up to you. Also if the sweets are colourful then that is great as that makes it look visually appealing. Once you are satisfied, put the lid on.
3. Ok so this is where the material and ribbon come into play. Cut the material into square, big enough that it covers the lid and the rim of the jar. Position it on the lid the way you want. Tie the ribbon around the neck of the jar, making sure that the material is in it and you are done.

Here is mine:

 Something to sink your teeth into!

I told you it was simple and easy to do but I really like it. It is something different to do and make for someone's present!
And who doesn't like an edible gift?! 
If they are gifts you can tie a little personalised gift tag to the ribbon.
And you don't have to put sweets in them.
Pens, flowers, jewellery, the list is endless.
Well there you go!
 Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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