Not another blog update (hahaha)

I know, I know, I only did one of these a couple of months ago but here is another blog update.

As you may or may not, I have changed my blog name about 4 times now (I am just never satisfied and a bit of perfectionist), I haven't felt like they have been a catchy but personal name to have for my platform.

So Cheer Up Buttercup has been chosen now. I love this saying, I use it to make myself and other feel better. Sometimes it doesn't work and some times it does, its just a little something that reminds me that there are plenty of things to smile about in a bad situation. It cheers me up!

Don't worry, the blog content will still be the same but I am also going to include some more posts about things that have affected me, that is happening in the world or something that I am passionate about. I have done a couple of these before (On the topic of... posts and some others) but I think it would be useful for me to express certain emotions that you may feel too.

But yeah, I hope you like my new blog name and I will see you in my next posts!

Until next time

All photographs are my own!


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