Fancy that of London, Part Two

First things first, its my 100th post of this year, WOOOOO!!! compared to my 23 posts last year, its a great achievement so thank you for reading me waffling on about things haha!

And so we move on with this special post series about my 21st birthday trip to London with part two!
If you haven't read part one, read it here.

House of Parliament, River Thames and some boats
This day was a really fabulous day. From being in the audience of a well known ITV daytime TV show to seeing some of the landmarks at night, it was so much fun! So let us begin!

Here is 'Fancy that of London| Part Two'...

We got up realllly early in the morning as we had to get down to the ITV Studio's on the South Bank (located on the River Thames). This was because we got tickets to ITVs daytime topical show Loose Women! Can you believe it?!
I, like many, love snuggling on the sofa with my lunch ready to eat watching this programme. First airing in 1999, there are four women who talk about topical subjects in the news and have (a) special guest star(s) on every weekday.
Tuesday's saw presenter Kaye Adams hosting the show with singer Coleen Nolan, singer Jamelia and journalist Janet Street-Porter on the panel as well.
From child obesity to talking about your name on CVs, it was amazing to see how it is recorded live on TV whilst what goes on behind the scenes once they take a break for the adverts.
Starting at 12:30pm to 1:30pm, we were right at the first of the row so when the lights were on and the cameras rolling, you could see us sitting there.
Before we got our seats in the audiences, we were in a small café in the building and saw the panelest and the guests of the show (presenters Ruth Langsford and Eamon Holmes, who are actually married too).
We said hi to them and Eamon came over and chatted with us, shook our hands and wished me a happy birthday!
Then once we got our seats, a man called Karl Lucas was there as entertain before and during the show and he was so funny! He pulled my mum and me (along with two other ladies) up and we pretended to be the four panellist. I was Jamelia (who I used to listen to when I was 12) and mum was Janet Street-Porter and we had to walk on stage, sit in there seats, talk like them and it was fab!
Both photographs are from Karl Lucas
And so the programme started and the atmosphere in the studio was great. Cheering, clapping, wooing, the next hour went so fast and it was so much fun!
Here are some stills from the programme:

Opening scene, there is me on the left in my purple velvet dress!

Mother and I on the left

The panelests:(L-R) Kaye Adam, Coleen Nolan,
Jamelia and Janet Street-Porter

Hello again

Eamon remembering us from the café and saying "Oh there's
the birthday girl" to me!

He was so lovely

Clapping along.

An angle from the other side!
 What an amazing time! We hung around for a bit too outside and I got selfies with Kaye Adams and Jamelia!


Kaye Adams
We had to leave soon after as we were headed towards the cinema to see Spectre, the 24th Bond film instalment.
We came to London for my18th birthday and saw Skyfall (the film before this one) so it is now traditional to see Bond films at the Odeon in Leicester Square haha!
First going to the world premiere and now going to see it, what a fab couple of days!

All ready for an action packed night
A small review:
The film was incredible! From the fast car chases to the fight scenes and explosives, it was a stereotypical action film but it was sooooooooo amazing!
The acting from every single cast member was spot on.
Django Unchained actor Christoph Waltz as Ernst Stavro Blofeld was cast perfectly as he just fit that role with his movements and his gestures. He genuinely creeped me out but he was so amazing.
Daniel Craigs fourth outing as spy Bond was fab too, keeping the high expectations up there and looking very nice in a suit!
Blue is the Warmest Colour actress Lea Seydoux, who plays Bond girl Madaleine Shaw, was fab and I wanted every single outfit she wore!
Not going to lie, I wasn't keen on the new theme song for this when I first heard it.
Writing's on the Wall by Sam Smith wasn't as good as Adele's Skyfall for the previous film I thought but listening to it when the opening credits were on was something else.
It was powerful along side the incredible opening credits and the audience was completely silent during it.
The only issue I hade with this film is all of that hype surrounding Monica Bellucci,who plays Lucia Sciarra. She is the oldest Bond girl as she is 51 (even though she doesn't look a day over 30). Like you would see her in the trailers etc and I was expecting her to have a big role in the film but she was only in it for like 10 minutes?! All that hype for nothing?!
However, I cannot recommend that you all go and see Spectre enough. If you love Bond, any of the actors or just love a good action film to eat popcorn to and to shout 'come on' when it is getting to an intense scene then this film is for you.

No wonder it has completely broken UK box office records for being released on a Monday taking more than £41m in the first week alone!
How insane is that?!
After the cinemas we walked down to see the London Eye and Houses of Parliament at night time to end the very busy day!
What a beautifully incredible night!
The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square

St Martin's, Trafalgar Square

London Eye, Houses of Parliament and the skyline

How pretty is that reflection?!
Well there you have it, part two of five of my 21st birthday trip to London done and dusted!
Keep your eyes out for part three where it was an emotional time for me!
Until next time
All photographs are my own, except two. Some have been screenshot from ITV iPlayer.
No Copyright infringement intended.


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