No7 Foundation Review*

You may or may not have read my post about the No7 Bloggers Event (read here) but if you did, then you will know I got a foundation as my free product, woooo.

Normally, I don't wear foundation. One because my skin is really sensitive and two, I just don't have time on a morning to put it on etc. Aka I would rather have an extra 5 minutes of sleep then do my makeup on a morning... Priorities haha!

However, due to this, I decided I would try it out for a change and see if I really should use it!

So here is my 'No7 Foundation Review'...

First off, here is my clean face without anything on.
I look so pale hahahaha!

Because of No7's Match Made Services, I found out that the correct foundation I need to match my skin tone which is Cool Ivory.

So here goes nothing!

I am so happy I got this, like a said I don't wear foundation but this product feels like I have nothing on my face.
Applying the product was easy and simple to gently rub into my skin and when I went to uni, my friend didn't even notice I had foundation on until I pointed it out to one of them.
Because I did the Match Made service, the shade is perfect for my skin tone adding a bit of tint to my face and it doesn't look like I have been tangoed (very orange) which is always good haha!
I would definitely recommend this product but before purchasing I would also say you should find out your perfect foundation by doing the free service!

So because I put on the foundation, I thought why not do my full makeup so here we go!

Other Products (I have purchased these myself):

Although it was slightly clumpy to start with, once you take it out for the first time, it does add volume to your lashes.
Costing £13.50 and available in black or brown, it is quite expensive but it is worth it.
The definition of each lash is great and it doesn't stick the lashes all together like some I have tried do.
You only really need to apply one coat of mascara as this gives a fantastic volume but for a more impact, false lash effect apply two.

I love this product so much!
It was so easy to apply and although I did have to touch it up, practice makes perfect as they say.
Costing £1, you really can't go wrong with this product in my eyes (get it ha).
From thick or thin lines, the brush is small so it is simple to do both.
I would recommend that you circle the brush around the rim, just to get off any unwanted liner because when you apply it, it does draw on thick.
It also comes in green and purple which I have too and they are really pretty on!
Definitely, definitely would recommend this product for all of those girls who cant leave the house without any eyeliner on.

Another great value for money product.
It was so easy and simple to apply, giving you bold and hydrated lips.
Costing £9.95, the colour apparently lasts for up to 8 hours which I think is pretty accurate.
One thing however, is that over a period of time it does feel quite dry on so if you don't like it when your lips are like this then reapply it every couple of hours that problem is solved.
Coming in a range of different and vibrant colours, there is plenty to smile about with this on your lips.
Before I put on my lipstick, I liked the simple look with just the three products on. I would leave my face like this and just add a lip balm depending on if I wanted a natural look.
However, I do love a good red lipstick and with it being Autumn, this look is perfect for those days.

Well there you have it! I do love a fab No7 product and I will definitely be purchasing foundation after this!
For more products by No7, click here.

Until next time

All photographs are my own!


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