21st Birthday, 21 lessons learned

So today is my birthday and I am 21. (God, I am so old now) So here are 21 lessons I have learned in my 7,665 days of living (give or take)!

Throughout there will be photographs of my cute tea party I had today too :)

Here is '21st Birthday, 21 lessons learned'...
1. Happiness is key
2. I really do not like Shorthand (it is really really hard) but no pain no gain in what I want to do
3. Organisation is also key, start early then you can be stress free

4. Surrounding yourself with good, positive people
5. I don't like Marmite
6. Just because you might fail at something, it doesn't mean you are a failure.

7. Money doesn't buy you happiness
8. Don't let bullies win
9. Take risks- sometimes you win, sometimes you don't but both are worth it

10. I could live off Salmon forever (yummmmm)
11. If you don't change, you wont grow as a person
12. Family is everything

13. I really really don't like Marmite
14. The world is literally your oyster- set goals and reach them.
15. Great things take a hell of a long time but a totally worth it

16. You can only love others as much as you love yourself
17. Travelling is one big adventure
18. Indulge yourself a little- its good to have a treat once in a while

19. Don't dwell on what has been
20. To have an opinion and don't let other change it
21. I really do hate Marmite

Well there you go, a quick post today!
Happy Birthday to meeeeee hahahahaha!

Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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