The Fully Monty review

Last night, my friend Mandi and I went to the theatre with Pimms and Needles to go and see the highly anticipated The Fully Monty.

I absolutely love the 1997 film version (if you haven't seen it you have to), it is hilarious so I was dead excited to go and see this performance.

And it did not disappoint me at all, here is why.

Here is 'The Fully Monty review'...

We are all ready and waiting for the show!
The show is about six Sheffield steelworkers each looking for a job but when times are getting tough, they decide to take the world by storm by becoming an all male strip group... and well, go The Fully Monty.
Let me start with the cast.
Starring Gary Lucy, Andrew Dunn, Louis Emerick, Rupert Hill, Martin Miller and Bobby Schofield, they were all brilliant. I don't think I have laughed so much in my life before.
Although there is a lot of swearing throughout, you can definitely over look this with the one liners and definitely the dancing. The dancing is so funny and great! 
One tiny thing I do have to say is that some of the Sheffield accents were going at some points during the show but they absolutely nailed their performances.
The award winning production was spot on in terms of the staging as well.
The main set is where they practice their strip dance in, the steelworks factory and this doesn't change.
However, how they used all the same props to create different scenes were brilliant. They used the same chairs and bits 'n' bobs to create the Job Club and the interview scenes.
It was done incredibly well.
How they switched scenes with making the stage go dark with the music playing was also great as it still kept the atmosphere going with the audience singing along and clapping waiting for the next scene to begin.
Not going to lie, my favourite scene in the film is where one of the characters is in a job interview and four of the other guys are outside the window and they hold up his beloved gnomes and one of them breaks and I find this hilarious so I was so so so excited to see this.
It definitely matched my high expectation as did the queue scene where they all start dancing to Hot Stuff in a line.
Oh, what a night it certainly was!
Speaking of music, the classic songs from the film were of course played.
From Tom Jones, Donna Summers and Hot Chocolate and all the other tunes, it is just one huge production that you can sing along to, clap to, woooo to and that you really don't want to miss.

Oh, and they definitely did not leave their hats on at the end!

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For more information about other production that will be held at the Civic, click here.
Well there you go, a performance that actually left me quite speechless -in a good way- to say the least.
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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