Fancy that of London, Part One

From the 26-29th October, my lovely mother took me to London for my 21st birthday. For the four days we had in the big old city, we certainly did a lot and I will definitely remember this special trip.

So I thought I would share our adventures on here, where I will show you the things we did, a couple of reviews, a fashion piece and so much more over the course of this post series.

All ready to go
Its not to brag about all the things we did but to show you what you can do if you ever travel to London! So much to do, so little time! There will be five parts in all (one part for each day and a fashion post) so sit back and grab a cuppa!

Here is 'Fancy that of London| Part One'...

Arriving into London at 10:30ish, we went straight to hotel to drop off our luggage and headed towards Leicester Square. This is because the highly anticipated new Bond film, Spectre, was being released and it was the world premiere so I reallllly wanted to go and see it.
Normally, Leicester Square holds the big film premieres so of course we went there and to our surprise there was nothing going on for it... That's because Spectre's premiere was actually held at the Royal Albert Hall. After we stopped of at Cath Kidston as I realllllllly wanted this penguin skirt (and I got it) and we rushed over there. And its a good job we did.
It was packed but we managed to get quite good spaces right next to the barrier and waited for about 1 and 1/2 hours for the event to begin.
When it did... IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!
Hosted by presenter Rick Edwards, comedian David Walliams and Good Morning Britain's Susanna Reid, we weren't near the red carpet section but weren't too far down from it so I did manage to take a few photographs of the stars as they head down to watch the 24th instalment of Bond, James Bond.
All of the stunning dresses, the expensive cars and seeing two of my favourite actors (BBC Sherlock's Andrew Scott and Cloud Atlas' star Ben Whishaw), I fangirled sooooo much during this night.
Here are a few pics:
Trust me there was a hell of a lot more than this!

Presenter Rick Edwards

Presenters David Walliams and Susanna Reid

Daniel Craig, plays Bond

Ralph Fiennes, plays M

Lea Seydoux, plays Madeleine Shaw

Naomie Harris, plays Eve Moneypenny

Rory Kinnear, plays Bill Tanner

Andrew Scott, plays Max Denbigh (known as C too)

Monica Bellucci, plays Lucia Sciarra

Lea, Daniel and Lucia looking fab

Ben Whishaw, plays Q

Christoph Waltz plays Ernst Stavro Blofeld
(known as Franz Oberhauser)

Jesper Christensen, plays Mr. White

Director Sam Mendes

Singer Sam Smith, he performed the theme song

I also got Sam Mendes' autograph!!!!
I also got a couple of videos too of Sam Smith, who performs the Spectre's theme song 'Writing's on the Wall' and Naomie Harris who stars as Miss Moneypenny in the film (they both looked right into my camera eek!!!).

- Sometimes the videos don't work on here so sorry if you cant see them but I hope you can :) -
There were also three special guests that evening too in the shape of The Royals.
Prince Harry and Prince William and his beautiful wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, were there and they looked so handsome/beautiful so that was just insane.
And to round off an already amazingly perfect day, I got one of the Spectre boards that were on the barriers!
Always keep on looking at the film's website, news sites and social media to see when their premiere will be and please double check where it is going to be located!
Well there you have it, what an action packed first day to start my 21st birthday trip!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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