Fancy that of London, Part Four

Back to this post series now after a couple of posts that were off the topic!
Final day of our London adventure and penultimate of this post series, part four!!! Read Part One, Part Two and Part Three here.

All aboard!
Thursday was to relax and chill after the hectic past days so we decided to take advantage of our free river boat cruise (we got it with our booking package) along the River Thames!

Here is  'Fancy that of London| Part Four'...
Like I said in the intro, we went on a river cruise along the Thames. We have done this before and it is really good if you want to know and see about some of the landmarks along the river so if you have chance, do it!
We got on at Westminster and headed towards the Tower of London, which takes roughly 30 minutes to get there.
During the water adventure, you see the London Eye, Shakespeare Globe, Tate Modern, The Shard, Tower Bridge and so much more.
And to make it even better, one of the crew members tells you a bit about the history of some of them! It is really interesting if you are like me and like to know information about everything and anything.
Here are some of the images I captured on the day:

London Eye with a boat

Cute Carousel
Tower Bridge
Tower of London
St Paul's Cathedral with Millennium Bridge
Cleopatra's Needle
We stopped off at Tower Bridge and then went back to Westminster as we had to get back in time to get our luggage from the hotel and head to get the train back home but didn't stay for long! However, you can get the boat right to Greenwich, which is good!
Because we had a hour to kill before we went back to the hotel, we went Trafalgar Square and did something we love to do, sit and watch the world the go by. There was some thing happening for the Rugby World Cup whilst we were there but it was still a pleasant way to end our trip!

National Gallery
Nelson's Column
 Unfortunately it wasn't as smooth sailing to get back home as our train was cancelled due to an incident near London. Therefore we had to join another Grand Central train (so it was two trains into one), get off at Doncaster then get on another GC train and even that didn't go to our stop so we went to another station and got a taxi back home.
At least I will remember my 21st birthday right?!
Well that's its for part four! What day!
Look out for the fifth and final part, all about fashion!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


  1. Oh no! Sounds like a nightmare journey home!! I've done the river cruise a couple of times and agree - it's a really good way to see the city.

    1. It really was but at least I will remember my 21st haha! And agreed, I love doing them! It is a fab way to see the city and its areas


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