Going veggie mad for this restaurant

Today, my lovely dad and I went to my favourite vegetarian restaurant, The Waiting Room, to celebrate me finishing my Foundation Degree.

I absolutely adore this place. From the yummy food to the quirky interior and to the lovely waitresses so I thought why not write a review about it?

So here is my lovely time at The Waiting Room...
Note: I am not a food critic, these are my own views and own photographs. I have not been paid to write this review.


This veggie restaurant is such a cute, little one with quirky furniture to their stained glass window in the front door and yellow walls. It makes you feel happy and relaxed when you go in and take a seat.
If it isn't busy then you can sit down anywhere you like, from the window overlooking the entrance to the restaurant and street to the back seating area which is light and airy. You can book in advance or just walk in.
 Normally, you would sit down and the waiter/waitress will hand you a menu with so many dishes to choose from that you cannot make a discussion on what you want. 
However, TWR puts the menu on a blackboard and not on a piece of paper. The meals changes every day and I am pretty sure they have a separate lunch and evening menu as well.
Here are some pictures of the quirky inside and outside:

Outside seating area
The front of the restaurant

Back of the restaurant

In the front.

On the menu today is...

In the front again

How pretty is the stained glass window in the
front door

The view from where we sat down.
Moving onto the staff and well, all of them are so welcoming and lovely here. They don't rush you in making a decision with what you would like, they don't disturb you whilst you are eating asking if everything is ok (I hate it when they do this whilst you are in the middle of eating) and they are professional and friendly.

Hands down, the food the serve is one of the best meals I have tasted. Normally, I would go for lentils and potatoes in a tomato sauce with melted cheese smothered over it (YUMMY)!
Today, I decided to go with something different as my usual was not on the menu.
Intrigued as to what it actually was and tasted like, I went with Feta cheese and Spring Onion cheesecake with potatoes, chutney and salad. I for one love cheesecake (it my favourite dessert) but I haven't had a savoury one before so this was a first.
Arriving swiftly after we ordered, it looked delicious. And well, tasted amazing!
The feta cheese and spring onions complemented each other and I don't know what the base of the cheesecake was made from but with the rest of the dish, it was beautiful. The main meal comes with extra salad and potatoes covered in seeds. With all of the food combined together, the dish was a winner.

My father got the Carrot, Apple and Cashew Loaf with onion gravy (seen at the top of the bottom picture) and he said that was delicious, especially that gravy!
The drink was a Raspberry and Lemon juice which was so refreshing on the taste buds.
You can either have it still or sparkling (I chose the still).
Moving onto the dessert (my favourite part of any meal) and again there was a selection to choose from.
From cheesecake and sticky toffee pudding to fudge cake and ice cream with sauce, it was a hard decision.
However, the ice cream with butterscotch sauce was hard to resist. I absolutely love anything butterscotch, it is so so so so nice! The ice cream was cold and tasted amazing with the sauce. Melt in your mouth literally.
My dad got the white chocolate and hazelnut cheesecake with cream (you can have it with either cream or ice cream). Again, he said it was lovely and creamy.

Like the main menu, the desserts change every day, offering you something new every time you go in.


No wonder The Waiting Room is one of my favourite restaurants (and my favourite veggie place). The food, the staff, the restaurant itself, an absolute must for any vegetarian or restaurant lover out there.
And who says that veggie food is boring and tasteless?
Have you been to The Waiting Room or another vegetarian restaurant?
Until next time

All photographs are my own!


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