1 top, 3 outfits

Spring is almost over for another year and summer is just around the corner.

Switching your winter wardrobe full of comfy jumpers and dark clothing to your bright Spring/Summer closet can be hard. You don't know what to buy, if you can wear clothing items you already have (answer is you can) and most importantly, you want to feel comfortable without breaking your bank balance.

Due to all of these reasons, why not switch it up a little and wear the same item of clothing (in this post it will be this lovely detailed £8 top from Primark) and just change what you wear with it. By doing this, you don't only save on spending money on multiple outfits and you can enjoy what you already have.

So here is my "1 Top, 3 Outfits| Summer Fashion" post...

Hippie meets Boho Chic

Dungarees- Primark, £8 (sale)
Plimsolls- Primark, £4
Necklace- Primark, £4
Bag- Primark, £6
Sunglasses- Marks & Spencers, £10
The first outfit idea is for all of those people who love a bit of hippie, boho chic.
Most people associate dungarees with the 60s, where they as well as flares and patterns played a huge part of that fashion era.
This long, little blue dungarees fits in perfectly with the sunny season as it is light and about 2 sizes too big so there is plenty of room for dancing, walking or relaxing in. I love wearing them with the detailed Primark top as it just goes in with the hippie aspect of it and it is great for those summer vibes. I am wearing white plimsolls but you can change it to colourful sandals if you wish. I have also styled this with a pair of Marks & Spencers sunglasses and a flower necklace from Primark, which both just oozes in the hippie culture.

Casual yet smart

Blue Jeans- Primark, £10
Shoes- Primark, £4
Bag- Primark, £8
Necklace- H&M, £8 (could be wrong, bought a few years ago)
If you are going out shopping or out with friends, this outfit idea is great for you, especially if it is a windy but sunny day. The top is styled with a nice pair of blue jeans, which are nice to walk around in and to relax in. They are really comfy to wear. Paired with red shoes and accessories (including an apple necklace yummmy), the bright colours just scream summer as it is bold whilst you are looking stylish and smart for anything the season throws at you.  

Pretty in print

Skirt- Cath Kidston, £25 (sale)
Shoes- Primark, £10
Bag- Primark, £8
Hat- Primark, £4
Necklace- Primark, £4
For those who know me or have read some of my other fashion posts then you will know how much I love flower prints. For both Spring and Summer, all floral prints are perfect.
From bold, bright flowers to small and pretty patterns, I have matched the white top with a vintage looking Cath Kidston skirt. This is because the print is great for the summer weather and is great for shopping in. (I actually wore this outfit when I went to York). 
The daisy hat and the Primark flower necklace brings the outfit all together, carrying on with the floral inspired piece. With the top hanging off the shoulders and the tan accessories, this outfit is great if you like mixing the old with the new.
Makeup I have on are: N07 Lash Impact Intense volume control mascara (All outfits), Primark's P.S. Lip gloss in Berry (Outfit 1),
N07 Stay Perfect lipstick (Outfit 2), No7 Matte Lip Crayon (Outfit 3)
Well there you have it, my 1 top 3 outfits for Summer post.
Have you bought any new clothing recently for the sunny season? Comment below!
Until next time

All photographs are my own!


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