A Summer sale collection

With all the bad, rainy weather we have been experiencing here in the UK, it doesn't really feel like summer.

But the sunny season is just around the corner and because of this, the summer wardrobe is getting ready to be worn once more.

The sales are now on in stores across the high street and girls, you can definitely find a bargain for your closet.

Here are some of the items I picked up at a great price in the Summer Sales!

Time for pastels

Top- Primark, £6
Skirt- Marks and Spencers, £18 in sale
Bag- Primark, £6
Necklace- Primark, £4

I adore pastel colours and this outfit is perfect for those sunny days ahead. The colours of pink, lilac and yellow may seem an odd matching but summer is the time for being bold in your outfit choices. Paired with a flower necklace, it bring the whole look together, keeping the colours simple yet very stylish.
 Let's go to the beach

Dress- George at ASDA, £10 in sale
Bag- Primark, £6
I have admired (and wanted) this dress for ages and when I saw it in the sale, I knew it would be mine! The beautiful print of the boats and a seaside coast with the summery, bright colours, this is an absolute bargain! The yellow bag just adds to the boldness from the dress and just screams summer holiday outfit!
 Yellow like the sun

Top- Marks and Spencers, £18 in the sale
Skirt- Marks and Spencers, £18 in the sale

I clearly like yellow this summer and so do the shops. This patterned crop top matched with the simple, elegant white skirt, this is great for going out shopping in or out to a lovely nice meal. Paired with the bag from the first outfit in the post, you will look bright and ready for the summer heat.
Bringing retro back

Top- Marks and Spencers, £17 in the sale
Skirt- Marks and Spencers, £18 in the sale
Necklace- Primark, £4
Another crop top with the white skirt next and this is one of my favourite outfits. The peachy colour of the top with the white checker pattern is a throwback to the 60s/70s, creating a retro look. The statement necklace adds to the style and this outfit is definitely one to wear in the sun.
A jumper in Summer?!
Jumper- Marks and Spencers, £22 in the sale
Skirt- Marks and Spencers, £22 in the sale
Who says you cant wear a jumper in Summer? Well they are wrong. This short sleeved jumper is so pretty and great for the sunny season. The beautiful beaded detail around the top with the simpleness of the material, it goes brilliantly with the patterned peachy skirt. By taking one of the colours from the beads and by not over accessorising it gives the outfit a clean look whilst keeping all of the attention on that stunning, summery jumper.
White and bright
Dress Marks and Spencers, £18 in the sale
Necklace- Primark, £4
Since I have finished my foundation degree, there might be a graduation for me and my fellow students. If there is then this beautiful dress will be my chosen outfit. I love the spotty detail of it. It isn't too much and it isn't too little. I kind of feel like Audrey Hepburn in this outfit in the way I could see her in something similar to this. With the addition of the necklace (it is one necklace, they are not separate), it keeps the overall look clean and fresh in Summer.
So there you have it! Six great outfits all bought in the sale!

Makeup I have one:
Eyes: N07 Lash Impact Intense volume control mascara, Primark's P.S. Liquid Eyeliner
Lips: No7 High Shine Lip Crayon
Have you bought any summery clothing recently? Comment below!

Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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