Minions film review

Starring: Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, Allison Jenny, Steve Coogan, Jennifer Saunders, Geoffrey Rush, Steve CarrellRunning Time: 91 minutes
Release Year: 2015
Rating out of 5: 5
Note: this does contain some spoilers!

On Sunday 28th June, I finally saw the highly anticipated Minion's films and it was amazing.

I was so excited as you can tell ha
If you know me personally or follow me on any other social media then you will know how much I love these yellow skinned characters - I mean I even wrote a whole Fashion post inspired by them.
So I thought why not write a film review about their starring role!

A bit about the plot: the film takes place before these banana loving creatures work for Gru (from the original Despicable Me film series).
 Minions only work for the most bad, evilest villain out there. These include the likes of dinosaurs, Dracula, cavemen and many more!
But when they have lacked a master makes them all sad, Minions Kevin, Stuart and Bob (along with his teddy Tim) go on a mission to find their next boss- which comes in the form of Scarlett Overkill. 
Mainly set in London, United Kingdom, if the Minions are here, mischief is very close by.

One thing I love about the dungaree wearing Minions is their innocence. In the way that Bob is so adorable with his little stuffed teddy bear and that they always do that awkward giggle right after something bad has happen that they have caused.
I also love their love for bananas, I don't know why I just do!
The only issue that slightly annoyed me was all of the stereotypical British things- it was over exaggerated!
I mean yeah we drink tea, we read newspapers, there are a lot of Mini Cars and the Sword in the Stone from the Arthurian Legend is set here but you don't need to include them all ha!
However, this film is fab for a cinema trip out with your friends and family of all ages. With all of the laughs and musical surprises throughout, it is a feel good film that highlights we can do anything we set our minds too- even if it is finding a super villain to work for ha!

Theatrical Trailer:

Well there you have it, a review on one of my favourite ever film characters!
Have you been to see the Minions film? Did you enjoy it? Comment below!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


  1. Hi Caroline. I noticed that you only write reviews about things that you love, which is great, however I feel like you aren't exactly putting your heart into it and doing what us journalists do best, expressing your anger and your heart. Its all good and well writing about the things you love but what real journalism is about is expressing your thoughts on the world fairly, whether what you see is beautiful or ugly. But you seem to only write about what you love and thats the be all and end all. You need to start writing about what you hate. You definitely have potential as a good, fair journalist; but you need to access a different side of your heart.
    I feel like in order to maintain a balanced blog, it would be in your best interests to try and share more criticisms as well as constantly praising what you enjoy. The world of journalism isn't all dandelion and burdock. Don't take this criticism too harshly, I think you are showing promise. Good luck, and fair the well.

  2. Don't worry, I haven't took this criticisms too harshly, I thank you for writing your comment. I see your view and I agree to it to a certain degree. My blog was set up to help me release some personal feelings and I have done that. I feel like I want this blog to be positive as that's what I am feeling. I understand that journalism isn't all rainbows and sunshine, I have studied it for 2 years now, I just feel like that isn't the aspect of journalism I want to go down. However, I will take your comment on and will try to work on your points. Thanks again!


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