Minions Assemble

So today is the today I and many, many others have been waiting for....

From the film series "Despicable Me", I absolute love these yellow skin, blue dungaree wearing creatures, I have so much stuff of them so I was over the moon when they announced that they would star in their very own film.

I thought, why not do a special fashion post based on them on their fab cinema release day.


I will show you an onesie, an outfit and a simple costumes based on the much loved Minions. Plus a couple of added extras.

Let us step into the world of these banana crazy Minions...


Primark, £15
I love this onesie! I mean for starters, it is of course a minion but also because it wasn't expensive. It's big and comfy, great for those cold nights you just want to chill and relax.
I also think it maybe cheaper now but I could be completely wrong so don't hold it against me but it is always worth a look! Although £15 is cheap anyway!
Found in the men's section of the store, it has two pockets and a minion's face hood with actual sticky out eyes, which I think is amazing!
You actually feel like you should be in the film or want a Banana.

Top- Primark, £4 (I think)
Dungarees- Primark £7, in the sale
Boots- Primark £8 (I think)
For under £20, you can make a simple, Minion based costume for yourself or anyone else. You can spend as much as you want on it obviously but my one came cheaper than I thought- mainly because its all from Primark! 
The yellow top represents Minion's iconic yellow skin (you could also purchase body/face paint if you wish or a long sleeved top instead).
The dungarees because they clearly wear them along with the black boots (you can also wear black gloves as well but I cant find mine).
Just add a banana in one hand and you are all good to go!

For the glasses (you will need black ribbon to fit around your head):
Get two toilet paper or kitchen towel paper tubes.
Cut them both to fit your eyes and face. 
To stick them together, wrap cell-o-tape around them, making sure that they still fit your face, leaving enough room so they fit between your nose and that you can see through them.
Staple the black ribbon, making sure the glasses fit around your head, onto the tubes.
Get some foil or silver paper and stick it around the tubes and voila, you have yourself some homemade Minion glasses.


Top- Primark £8
Short Dungarees- Primark, £10 (I think)
Tights- Primark, £5
Shoes- Primark, £10
Bag- Tescos, £15
As you can probably tell, Primark is a great place to get Minion things as well as many other film/TV/other things on clothing.
I have changed the straps on the bag, they were not this long when it was bought.
This outfit is great and quirky, making you ready to go see their new film.
I am such a fan girl!

An added extra

Of course I have to include the delicious Haribo Minion sweets, both the normal and tangy ones!

Nail Art:

Another added extra in this special edition post today:

 1. Paint your four fingers in yellow (or blue) and you thumb in silver/white.
2. Paint a square with your chosen blue nail varnish, this will be the dungaree part of the minion. Draw four lines, two on the bottom for the legs and two on top, curving, for the straps of the dungaree.
3. With yellow nail varnish, draw the arms in between the square and the two top lines. Then draw a semi circle from strap to strap for the head and paint it in.
4. Get your black varnish now. Paint small boots on the bottom of its legs and three dots connecting for the minion's glove. Draw a dot in the middle of the blue square to represent the 'G' they have on it for 'Gru'. Then draw a smile on the minion's face.
5. Grab your silver varnish and paint two lines on the head of the minion with either one circle or two. This is the glasses for the eyes. If you have a white nail varnish then fill in the silver circle. Put a dot in the middle and your minion has eyes!
6. Finally, with clear nail varnish, paint over your minion thumb so it will last a bit longer.

Finished nails:

Right hand

Left hand
 Makeup I am wearing in the 'Outfit':
Eyes: N07 Lash Impact Intense volume control mascara, Primark's P.S. Liquid Eyeliner
Lips: No7 Stay Perfect lipstick 'Hot Copper'
Well there you have it! A Minion inspired post for you today!

Do you love the Minions and Despicable Me? Are you going to see the highly anticipated film? Comment below!
Until next time

All photographs are my own!


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