A sunny vintage fair

Lottie and Jack Events hosted a vintage fair in Yarm near where I live today so of course I went down to step back in time. This time I went with two friends who again, like quirky and vintage things so it was perfect for all of us.

My own photo, I have edited it.
I have done a previous post about a vintage fair that they hosted earlier on in the year and if that was anything to go by then I knew it would be a great, fun day out.

From antiques, handmade soap, cakes and biscuits stalls to clothing and accessories, there was plenty of pretty, vintage items to glance upon.

Here is my review on Lottie and Jack's Yarm Vintage Fair from today...

For those who don't know Yarm, it is a lovely little town in the North East of England. Surrounded by the River Tees, it has lovely, quirky cottages, a cobbled roads and a high street.
A very good place for a vintage fair!

Over the bridge to Yarm

Viaduct going over the town

Town Hall

Lets go to the fair!

Pretty cottage street
Like before, the first 100 people through the Hall's doors they will get a free goody bag. I for one love free things so wanted to at least try and get one. And I did!

The contents included many things I wasn't expecting.

The goody bag

How pretty is this tag

What's inside?

A lovely, exotic smelling candle (I love candles)

Heart shaped soap


Business cards and bits n bobs

A lotion
How good is that for free items, a candle and soap! I am definitely not complaining!

Moving onto the fair itself, there was lots of people looking around for hidden one off pieces. There was really something for everyone.

Like cake/biscuits? They were there. Love vintage inspired clothing and jewellery? Got it covered. Adore antiques or homemade items? You were sorted!

The range of stalls and items that were there was fantastic.
I only managed to take two photographs inside the Hall but believe me, there were so many more.


Although I didn't buy anything at the fair this time (I am going to London early next month so want to save money for that), there was lots of other people getting their hands on a bargain.

After we left the fair, we took Amy's dog for a walk around the local park so I took some photos (surprise surprise).

River Tees

A random pond

Finn, Amy's little dog

How cute is he aww

Are we out for the woods?
Sorry for the Taylor Swift reference ha

Down the river
Well there you have it! A fun, vintage packed day out. If you ever see a sign or a Facebook event for one of Lottie and Jack's Vintage Fair where you are then I could not recommend you go enough! There is something for anyone!
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Until next time

All photographs are my own!


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