From Loft to Loved White and Pink Bureau

This year I am turning 21 (oh god) and my lovely mother said I could have a bureau for my birthday present. Since I want to become a journalist, a bureau will help me out massively. From the huge writing space most have to offer to the storage space, it would be perfect for all my bits n bobs.


And guess what? I have found the perfect bureau for me. (Yes, it is 5 months until my birthday but you have to grab it whilst its there)

So here is my White and Pink bureau bought from "From Loft to Loved"!

I used to write on a desk which for the most time was great. It did its job. But it took up waaaaay too much space in my room and I wanted something more unique to me and something I can take with me when I move so it was really important to me in finding the right one for my needs..

A little background information...
I first came across Kim and Sarah, the two lovely women behind "From Loft to Loved", at Middlesbrough Vintage fair last month and from the furniture items they had on display, well they certainly know how to up-cycle items.
For those who may not know, up-cycling is basically giving furniture a new lease of life. From painting it, sanding it down or changing it completely, it makes the piece more unique and this is what they do.
Based in County Durham, From Loft to Loved find pre-loved furniture and hand paint them to their or their customers ideas. Depending on the overall finish they want for the piece, they either paint it in Everlong or Farrow and Ball.
As we started talking, my mum mentioned about our little bureau hunt and to our surprise they had recently found one.
Jumping on that chance, I asked about it and if they could send me a photograph so I could see it (if it is want I would like).
Now, I am not going to lie, at first glance I wasn't too sure about the bureau. All of the other ones I had found online or in stores had a cupboard and this one has three draws instead so I was indecisive.
These photos are the ones they sent me.

The original bureau

Original inside of the bureau
 However as I kept on going back to the photos, I soon fell in love with it.
I loved the fact that it had its original handles still and although it didn't have the key to open the top part, it was still a beautiful item.
Asking about what colour(s) I would like it to be painted in, I finally went with Everlong's Vintage White on the outside and Everlong's Sophia (pale pink) paint inside the top section, completely different to the brown colour it had been. 
As you can see on the photo of the original bureau, there was a light brownish rectangle which didn't really go with my pink and white theme so me being me, I asked if that section could be removed and replaced with a nice flower/bird fabric. I love flower/bird print so much!
And a couple of weeks later, my bureau has finally arrived!
And here is the end result...
My own photographs

Completely change

Inside, this is a painted in a pale pink

Lovely bird print
 I am not going to say how much my mother bought it for but compared to the other ones I was thinking about, this was a bargain! Plus the fact I much prefer buying from a local store/business as the likelihood of someone else having the exact same item as you is pretty slim compare to if you buy it from a massive store.
I also purchased a pack of some Audrey Hepburn coasters (of course) and a beautiful flower garland (in which they make themselves!).

Rose garland and another look inside
Pack of 4 Audrey Hepburn coasters

I hands down, 1000000% am in love with it. It is so pretty and completely different to how it was.
I couldn't recommend From Loft to Loved enough. They were patience (I am so indecisive), made sure I was happy with what they were doing and were so lovely.
Just shows you want a lick of paint and two lovely ladies can do!

Have you up-cycle any furniture recently?

Until next time x

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Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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