The wonders of Beamish Museum

First post of 2018 woooooo! I blooming love trains, me. I don't care what you say or think, trains are the best transport and I will most likely end up being a train spotter because they are awesome! Yep, I accept my fate!

Due to my love of this transport, I have always wanted to get lost in Beamish Museum, which is set in the open air, surrounded by beautiful buildings, stunning countryside and the most coolest trams and buses I ever did see. The world famous museum also has not one but two trains to go on and well, that's the main reason I wanted to go!

Because I had such a lovely day out with Ryan and Jen, my amazing friend who used to work on the trains there [she's left now, we went on her penultimate shift], I thought I would share some photos I took of the splendid place, so yes, this is a photo based post!

Get ready for the wonders of Beamish with you all...

We headed off to see Jen first as she was working on one of the trains. Due to the fact she is leaving me later this month, I wanted to surprise her by making a call to Beamish before she left. And surprised she was. After having a good ol' chat, it was time board the train, located nearest to the entrance, and it was such a canny little ride. It was so lovely as the sun was shining and it was snowy still. We got to see the cute church and the house located in the museum grounds, both seen in the second pic.

Afterwards, we headed up a hill to the pretty house. The third and fourth both photos of the house and it's garden, it was so interesting see inside of the house, how they used to live a hundred years ago or so. Staff were also dressed in the clothing and there was a violinist playing when we were there, which made it even more cosy and lovely.

Whilst trying not to fall over due to the snow/ice, we had a 15 minutes walk to get to the street, located in the top right of the grounds, opposite the entrance kinda, but like far away, if that makes sense haha!
Along the way, we saw the other train, which had a proper carriage and a beautiful green steam engine [choo chooooooo]!
When we arrived at the little street, it was so magical to walk up as it still as the Christmas décor and it just made it look so festive. Shops range from a traditional sweet store, cute tea room, an old bank to a lovely bakery [where you get to see things being made] and a shop that had old motors in! The street even included some homes, dentist and a cute bandstand area!

After we went on the other train, with the green engine, and with my toes aching and wet due to the snow, we headed back to Jen as we got the chance to ride on the engine train, with Jen being the driver! Normally you don't get to do this but because I know her, her big boss man let us go on it and it was awesome! Seeing Jen control the engine and just sitting, watching the steam go and the moon appearing in the sky, it was such a perfect way to end what a perfect day trip to Beamish!

And there you go, what a first trip to Beamish, I need to go there again as soon as possible!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


  1. It looks a really pretty place and something different to do! I have loveld it! Plus christmas decorated looks even better! xx

    1. You could honestly spend alllllll day here and then need another five just to look around everything! x

  2. Beamish looks so beautiful in the snow.


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